Computer Information

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At McAuley Catholic College, we want our students to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners, and technology is a critical component in 21st century learning.


Parents of Year 7 students will be provided with a Chromebook. This will be included in the College fees and students are to bring their Chromebook to school every day. No other devices will be permitted at this stage.

All devices purchased by the College for students are done so through The Somerville Group and come with 3 years onsite warranty and 3 years Accidental Damage Protection* (A $60.50 excess applies for ADP claims).

Late Year 7 enrolments (students that are enrolled after the December of the previous year) or students entering into Years 8 or 9 should organise the purchase of a Chromebook through the College Business Manager (Mr Stephen Hartmann) who can be contacted on (02) 66431434. 

Please contact the College if you require any additional information.

All students and parents/carers are required to sign a Laptop Network Acceptable Use Policy that sets out how the device can be used at school.

* Please note that Accidental Damage Protection does not cover against loss or theft. Parents/Carers should check against their own insurance policies and make suitable arrangements if they wish.


Parents/Carers of students in Years 10-12 need to provide their child with a laptop, and students are expected to bring their laptop to school every day. 

Students in Years 10-12 have the flexibility of purchasing a device of their choice, however a Windows device is recommended to ensure compatibility with the College’s computer system.

Chromebooks are also considered an adequate alternative and parents may choose to purchase through the College supplier, or source their own from elsewhere.


The College has a limited number of used Chromebooks available for rent. The cost is $55 per term, paid in advance. The Chromebook will need to be returned at the end of each term for maintenance.

We also recognise at times a student may need a loan device for a very short period of time, and if available may be borrowed through the library. It is expected that the device be returned in the same condition as it was lent. If returned damaged, you may be responsible for the cost of the repairs.


Parents who are unable to fund the purchase of a Chromebook are asked to contact the Principal, or the College Business Manager to discuss assistance available. This will be a confidential discussion.

Please note that NO family should consider withdrawing their child from the College because of financial hardships caused by the cost of providing a Chromebook.