Christian Service Program

The Christian Service Program at McAuley Catholic College

All students at McAuley Catholic College are expected to be involved in a Christian Service Program each year. The aim of this program is to introduce students to the world of Christian


so that they can become more aware of the needs of others and respond by doing something practical and useful. The values in Christian Service Programs include:

  • Students becoming more aware of the needs of others in the community.
  • Students broadening their understanding of the difficulties people have in life and developing balance and maturity in the way they perceive insecurity, inadequacy, handicaps, poverty, unemployment and old age.
  • Students acquiring an appreciation of the role of the community service agencies.

In addition to these values, other purposes as to why Catholic schools should engage in some forms of community service include:

  • A preferential option for the poor and disadvantaged has been a central part of the church’s mission throughout history.
  • The practice of the Catholic school should reflect its theory – faith needs to be carried through into action.

A Christian Service Activity Record Sheet must be completed and handed in to the Homeroom Teacher on a regular basis throughout the year and on completion of the service. Each student will be issued a Certificate of Christian Service with his/her end of year School Report.